I invite you to wonder.

Let’s face it, most people are not executing flawlessly or living their life fully. As a Strategic Coach, the question I often get asked is,  “Will I be able to change this?”

The answer is a resounding YES! It is not only possible to change your mindset, habits, and work/life outcomes, it is imperative. The neuroscience and business blueprint is proven. There is no reason to live with mediocrity.

That change question is the beginning of the journey, and once asked, can hardly be ignored anymore.


Personal, Executive, Business, Creative Goals

Some things in life are in our control, though many are not. Focus on the ones that are because those are the only ones you can affect.

My coaching clients are comprised of professionals who are committed to creating powerful shifts. Some clients begin first to focus on the “life” part, others the “executive”. Eventually we look at it as an ecosystem because everything is interconnected.

Over the past 16 years I have worked with clients in a wide range of sectors. From a rock-star brain surgeon, to a rock star in London (you’ve probably jammed out to his songs on the radio.)  Start-up entrepreneurs, fintech, creatives/entertainment, hospitality, and a NASA spaceship designer. Add in a former White House official, NY Times best selling author, VCs, plenty of CEOs, COOs, CTOs, overwhelmed ER docs, and a few disillusioned attorneys. My boutique practice is based in Austin/NYC/LA  and I work with clients globally via phone/Zoom as well as on/offsite.

Whether clients are just getting traction, or have already created a substantial amount of success, there is a striking similarity: All are committed to accelerating how life turns out through self awareness and improvement. They want to bring their shift forth easier, smarter, and in technicolor.


How Coaching Helps You Excel

Effective leadership begins with you knowing yourself. Strategic Coaching identifies your self-imposed obstacles, their origins, and how to efficiently move through them in real time. Learning to shift your perspective instantly produces rapid growth by using your energy to focus on the core.

Think of it as a tree. Why focus on one branch here, and on another branch there, when you can just go to the root system and affect it all? From that place everything stems, manifesting up and out to all the different branches.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you make $275,000 a year, or monthly. The core issues and stumbling blocks are the same. In fact making $275,000 monthly might create more entanglements and blind spots due to the complexity of your enterprise.

Regardless of the beginning point, executive and life coaching ends up impacting and empowering your entire life because your life is a living system, and everything affects everything else. Hence, clients experience huge shifts, both professionally and personally, because as an executive your business, creativity, actions, agreements, and relationships become aligned.

Instead of reacting to the world, you are consciously creating.

By the way, both of those words have the exact same letters, just in a different order.

So what would you like to choose– ongoing stress, frustration, and dead ends or an open path and ongoing success? It is a mindful choice to move the C. 

With all of our coaching sessions, you will leave with concrete and practical action steps. I will be your strategic partner and support you fully through your life and business shift. This is what the coaching path looks like together:  Commitment > Insight > Action Steps>Experience>Refine>Action Steps

This is an invitation to easily make a change, and that change begins with your conscious commitment to fully living the life you want.

Two great questions to ask yourself:

Am I ready this time to change what is not working?

If not now, when?