Damn they are heavy. Those rocks. The ones you keep carrying around. It doesn’t take a doctor to figure out why you are so tired. (Perhaps a geologist might be helpful.)

Grab a piece of paper and start writing down what the rocks represent for you. Include your reoccurring mind chattering content, things that inhibit your peak performance, other people’s beliefs that do not align with your dreams and authentic self, and everything¬† you think about that is out of your control.¬† Such as:

– Thoughts connected to phrases like “I probably should”, “I wish I could”, “If only…”, “I want to.”
– Friends, co-workers, or acquaintances that are toxic.
– Food or drink you ingest that make you feel icky.
– Fears about money.
– Living your life according to others’ expectations.
– Lamenting about your age or time past.
– Trips that you want to take but don’t.
– Something you keep thinking about but don’t do.
– Trying to gain your parent or sibling approval.
– Resentment, anger, jealousy, spite, meanness.
– Task incompletes (your to-do list items that never gets completed.)
– Worries, anxieties, trepidations that are out of your control.
– Anything out of your control

Your brain is like a factory that operates 24-7-365. It needs to constantly be processing. (It even has a rouge unit in the basement called your subconscious that has some of the biggest, nastiest, heaviest rocks! Go find them and light the dynamite.)

This is where mindfulness comes in. You train your brain to focus on items that help expand and empower yourself, cultivate compassion, lessen your load, see bigger picture, connect deeper, be at peace, and just be. It takes practice.

1. Make your rocks list. Keep adding onto it as you think of more.
2. Own you are the one continually fulfilling that list in your life.
3. Commit to changing.
4. Begin a daily mindfulness practice.
5. Breathe.
6. Smile
7. When you intermittently stop your practice (and you will), go back to step #2.