My client’s great success is my number one goal. 

Strict confidentiality is required to provide an environment where he/she feels 101% free and trusting to bring up anything, at anytime. It is the only way possible.

In order to best assist my clients, I am privy to many details of their professional life including trade secrets, internal corporate practices, financial dealings, as well as detailed personal aspects of their primary relationship/marriage, fears/deep thoughts, and highly sensitive childhood trauma/abuse issues. The list goes on. While each client’s experience is unique to him/her, there is nothing that surprises me anymore.

Some of my clients are public figures (entertainment, creative, political) and business (Fortune 50,  Wall Street.) I understand that concern and have the strictest confidentially policy for everyone.

As example, one of my clients, a hospital physician, had a patient die in his/her care due to unforeseen circumstances. We went through all of it in detail, including my client’s doubts, potential medical missteps, etc. There is no way this could happen if I did not provide a strict circle of trust and confidentiality.

Even something as simple as a client recommendation, I don’t even acknowledge back to the referencer that it happened, or if asked, whether the other person ever started working with me, without that new client’s permission.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.