You can change your life. If not now, when?

The possibilities are endless.

Most individual client sessions are 60 minutes weekly. Depending on the complexity of your enterprise, projects, or goals, I work with many clients more frequently or longer session times.

I only accept a small number of clients. I am available 24/7 when needed in-between sessions, because your business, creative, and personal life challenges are ever changing and certainly do not conform to “business hours” only.

Our sessions can in person, Skype/Zoom, or by phone. All three of these ways work great. (I even have a client who is located 5 minutes from my office but would rather do phone sessions for scheduling/flow purposes. I am open to what works best for you.)

I reside and office in Austin.

For clients in other cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, etc, I can travel there so we can meet in between our phone and Skype/Zoom sessions if desired.


Phone: 512.450.1045