When the pain of changing is less then the pain of staying where you are, you’ll change. Your reptilian brain will kick in. Survivability is a must.

If your refrigerator is empty, eventually you’ll go out or call for delivery,
when the hunger is too much.

If you are cold, eventually you’ll turn up the heat or put on more clothing,
when the temperature gets too unbearable.

If you have to go to the bathroom, you’ll stop what you’re doing,
when you just can’t hold it any longer.

It’s not a complicated concept. That’s the reason millions of taxpayers rush to complete their tax forms on April 14th. The pain point (penalty) is greater then the effort it takes to complete.

If you want to create a major life shift, proactively engage your joy points. Don’t wait to avoid the greater pain.

Let’s use taxes as the example. You may be wondering how completing your taxes could possibly have the net effect of a joy point when so many people associate it as painful. Taxes and pain seem to go hand in hand.

Imagine what you could do with all that newly freed up energy. Use it to powerfully create what you do want.

First, let’s state the obvious. Regardless of your personal feelings about–– it is the law, mandatory, and inevitable. Delinquency will parlay it, but you’ll need to deal with it eventually one day.

Like interlocking building blocks, everything in your life is interconnected. Here are some ways it will unknowingly affect you.

– Energy: Fretting and procrastination are a constant energy drain.
– Energy: The repeating thought of needing to complete is stealing away from the energy you could use elsewhere to be creating/expanding.
– Space: Your brain’s temporary storage capacity is like computer RAM. Holding onto the repeating ‘to do’ thought dramatically slows you down.
– Creation: You can’t increase your financial wealth if your affairs are in a disarray. It is all connected.
– Collateral Damage: Not having your taxes done will inhibit you from getting a loan or an investment opportunity that requires financials.
– State: Triggers a dose of shame and self-criticism which affects your energy and output.
– Alignment: All of the above gunk up your system, your flow.

Take some time today to jot out places in you life where you are stuck. What pain is associated with it and how painful will it need to get before you make a change?

If you moved through it and completed, what will the net effect be?  How will that affect you positively, i.e your joy points?

Getting  really clear about it will make it much easier to get started. Completion is just around the corner. So is the fun that follows!

Photo: Flickr:spierzchala